The swimming pool service contractors from Scottsdale, Arizona who work at SwimRight Pool Service & Repair explain there are some mistakes they see DIYers make quite often. Are you making swimming pool cleaning mistakes? If you are new to pool ownership or have simply jumped online to see “how to clean a pool” you could be missing some of the very nuanced items that a swimming pool service contractor certainly understands.

A swimming pool that has water chemistry that is out of balance is a swimming pool that can become home to bacteria, algae and be unsafe for swimming in. A swimming pool that is improperly cared for can also damage the pool equipment and lead to needing it to be replaced sooner than necessary.

When you keep your swimming pool clean and in good operating condition and the water clean and clear you’re helping the water quality, the equipment’s lifespan and the pool structure itself from damage.

Are you making swimming pool cleaning mistakes?

What are some of the most common mistakes we see?

  1. Not keeping the skimmer basket from floating. In order to keep the skimmer underwater, where it needs to be, it is typically weighted when you first get your pool — or a new skimmer basket. If the weight gets lost the skimmer basket will float — that is not healthy. If the skimmer basket is floating it is not in the space it needs to be in order to capture debris.
  2. If you let your pets in the water without making adjustments to the water chemistry. There is no problem with your dogs being in the water, but their presence in the water could lead to water chemistry imbalances. Let your pool contractor know if your dogs will be in the water.
  3. Not making allowances for having a pool party. If you typically have your four family members in the pool then all of a sudden you host a pool party and there are twenty people in the water — the chemistry will definitely need to be balanced and the additional swimmer load addressed.
  4. Vacuuming up large pieces of debris or vacuuming up sand and debris blown in during a monsoon. You need to be able to see the bottom of the pool before you vacuum. Don’t damage the vacuum by it getting clogged by large debris.
  5. Not using algaecide or not using algaecide correctly. If you add algaecide it will reduce the chlorine levels and that means you need to add more chlorine to address this imbalance.
  6. The biggest mistake we see — not using a swimming pool cover. When you’re not swimming, use a cover. This will keep the water cleaner, will cut back on evaporation, could be an additional layer of safety and will save you money on cleaning time. If you don’t have an automatic cover, talk with us about having this added because it will make putting the cover on and off quick and easy.

Give us a call and let’s set up a time to pay a site visit and give you a price estimate on a pool cleaning contract. We are still working, even during the coronavirus pandemic, and can pay a service visit, wear masks and keep you and our staff safe.