What makes the swimming pool water cloudy? It’s a question the swimming pool service professionals from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair get asked all the time. Cloudy water is a bummer if you’re getting ready for a relaxing swim before or after work or even if you just want to escape the heat of an Arizona day.

Unfortunately there isn’t a one size fits all answer to cloudy water as it could be caused by a myriad of reasons. We can work with you and help you uncover the reason for the cloudy water and clear it up.

Many a DIY-er take on pool cleaning and maintenance on their own. If that is the case with you, but you are finding the water is cloudy and you can’t clear it up, give us a call and we can help address it. Consider too, if DIY is costing you more money (and it is definitely taking away your free time) to maintain your pool. Give us a call and let’s talk about the cost of a pool maintenance contract.

What makes the swimming pool water cloudy?

Here are some of the reasons your pool water may look cloudy:

  1. A swimming pool filter that isn’t working properly can lead to cloudy water. Also, if you don’t run the pool pump and filter as long as recommended by your pool contractor, that can lead to cloudy water because the dirt and debris aren’t being circulated properly.
  2. There are many environmental issues that lead to cloudy water. Those issues include: weather (Arizona monsoons for example), tree debris, dust, people using the pool who bring in organic contaminants and bacteria.
  3. Out-of-balance pool chemicals are one of the main causes of cloudy water.
  4. Sometimes after you’ve shocked aka super-chlorinated the pool water it may appear cloudy. The reason for this is that you haven’t used enough chlorine to perform the shock, the pool water can become cloudy. This cloudiness will clear up; keep the pool filter running until it happens. Ask us when, and if, the pool should be shocked and the proper way to perform that task.

Using a pool water clarifier can help clear up and even prevent cloudy water, but ongoing and diligent maintenance is the best way to assure your water is always clean, clear and swimmable. Give us a call if you’re looking for assistance with clearing up cloudy water or if you want to discuss ongoing maintenance and service.