The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair know many pool owners are looking for ways to save money on pool and hot tub operating costs. In fact many make a new year’s resolution: find ways to save money on pool costs and they reach out to us. We have ideas on how to keep costs down and many of them are easy to implement.

Energy costs and the worry about paying high utility bills can dampen the enthusiasm you have for your swimming pool. A worry about the costs of pool and hot tub operation may even make it so you don’t even use them as often as you’d like. Let’s take some steps to take away the worry and help you save money!

New Year’s Resolution: Find Ways To Save Money On Pool Costs

How can you save money, get enjoyment out of your swimming pool and even make a positive impact on the environment we have tips!

  1. Check the pool pump. Make sure, first and foremost that you have a variable speed pool pump installed. These pumps will operate at higher speeds when needed (when you’re vacuuming, for example) and at lower speeds when not needed (when simply circulating the water.) Single speed pumps are less expensive to purchase, but cost more to operate as they operate at the same speed regardless of the task they’re performing. Spend the money on a variable speed pump, choose the most energy efficient model you can, and then plan to see savings reflected on your utility bills.
  2. The pool heater. You may not need a pool heater too often when you’re a pool owner in Scottsdale, Arizona, but in the cooler months the water in the pool may become uncomfortable. Consider upgrading to a gas pool water heater. A gas heater will quickly heat the water at an economical rate. Look for a pool water that has a high thermal efficiency rating as this measures how effectively and efficiently warms the water.
  3. Upgrade or update the pool lighting. A swimming pool should be lit, for safety’s sake. When you have your pool lighted, you should be using LED bulbs instead of incandescent or halogen bulbs. LEDs are energy efficient and long-lasting — a win-win.

 The next time we pay a service visit ask us for tips on making your unique pool more energy efficient.