Are you a new swimming pool owner? If so you may be thinking you will take on the care and maintenance of your swimming pool. It certainly is possible for a DIY-er to do just that but if you’re wondering what do pool service contractors do? The SwimRight contractors in Scottsdale, AZ explain how what a contractor can do for you.

The biggest gift of a swimming pool service contract is the gift of time for you to simply enjoy time in your swimming pool and leaving the cleaning up to someone else.

What do pool service contractors do?

Swimming pool service is part of being a swimming pool owner in Arizona and the swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service and Repair explain caring for a pool can be a lot of work and take a lot of time. The reason pool owners hire pool service contractors is because they want to enjoy the pool without the hassle of cleaning and maintenance — more importantly without having to figure out the sometimes-confusing chemical balancing.

Are you a first time pool owner who is looking for a pool service contractor? Do you know what a pool service contractor can do or what kind of questions to even ask? Before you sign a contract, talk with a couple of pool service contractors and understand what is covered, what’s not and how often the service will be perfromed.

Here is a short list of what should be included in a contract:

  • Test the pool chemistry
  • Add chemicals. They will bring chemicals with them, you won’t have to store them.
  • Skim debris. You will want to skim debris between service visits — using a pool cover will alleviate some of this task.
  • Vacuum the pool after brushing the walls and floor and behind the pool steps where algae spores can linger
  • Empty and clean skimmer baskets
  • Inspect pool equipment
  • Check for potential leaks
  • How often will the pool service contractor visit? This could depend on how frequently you will use the pool.
  • Will you save money if you sign a season long contract as compared to a visit by visit contract?

Ask whether emergency on-call service is available and at what cost. Ask whether you sign a contract does that give you priority on post monsoon clean-up, pool openings and closings and other special cleaning times?

When interviewing pool service contractors, ask for references from current and former clients and make certain you call them to find out their experience. Here are other questions to ask

  1. Do they have any specialized training
  2. How long have they been in business
  3. Why is your pricing so much higher/lower than company XYZ? Don’t shop on price alone.
  4. Do they look and act professional when you’re talking with them?

Now is the ideal time to start looking for a pool service contractor for your new pool. If you’re a long time pool owner and simply want to enjoy the pool, not keep up with cleaning, this is also an ideal time to begin your research.