Your swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service and Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona understand that when the sun is high in the sky and it’s triple digit temperatures you want to be in the pool but you also want to be out of the sun. How to shade your Arizona swimming pool is something that we talk with pool owners about quite frequently.

In some areas of the country it is ideal to leave your pool exposed to the sun all day — in the eastern part of the country for example where the sun isn’t as hot or as frequent, but in Arizona, that simply isn’t the case. Pool owners and pool water needs protection from the sun in order to make the pool enjoyable.

How can you enjoy the pool but escape from the heat of the Arizona sunshine? There are several ways and you can incorporate pool-side shading or even add misting units.

How to shade your Arizona swimming pool

What are some options for Arizona pool owners and other areas of the country in which growing trees isn’t quite an option (trees and greenery doesn’t always thrive in Arizona). Cactus do, but they don’t provide all that much shade, right?

Here are shade options:

  • Pergolas and gazebos – these permanently constructed structures can accommodate your poolside furniture, lounges, even a kitchen set up and certainly provide shade from the relenting sunshine.
  • Moveable umbrellas – these portable shade providers come in many shapes, styles and colors and are easily moved from one location to another, providing shade regardless of the time of day or the height and intensity of the sun.
  • Awnings – retractable or permanent, these extend from your home and are ideal if the swimming pool is close enough to the house to benefit from using one.

Talk with us when we are performing a service visit and let’s talk about your shading options so you can enjoy your pool when the sun is at its hottest — after all you got a swimming pool in order to survive the summers, right? Don’t forget to ask about misting units as they can be installed around the pool and your outdoor living space to cool you as you relax poolside.