Swimming around in the pool is great. You can get in shape, cool off and have fun BUT what are your favorite pool toys? That should be a question you ask every member of your family. Why? Because the swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Arizona explain that having a favorite pool toy makes being together in the pool even more fun.

If you and your family have been in quarantine because of coronavirus, chances are you have been spending a lot of time in the pool. After all, why not? If you can’t leave the house and do normal fun family activities, it’s time to make the most of the body of water in your back yard and make it more fun with pool toys!

What are your favorite pool toys?

Ask the kids (and the adults) what they like best to play with in and around the pool. These toys or water accessories might include:

  1. Rafts
  2. Basketball or volleyball
  3. Water buckets
  4. Diving rings
  5. Rubber duckies
  6. Kick boards
  7. Pool noodles
  8. and more

Let each person pick his or her favorite toy or accessory and then jump into the pool and enjoy! If someone has chosen a volleyball net or basketball hoop then make up teams and get a game going. Kickboards? Have races from one end to another. Diving toys are a great way to play a treasure hunting game. Rubber duckies — well they are just adorable BUT you can also have rubber duckie races!

Don’t forget personal flotation devices — especially for the younger children or those who can’t swim that well. Also, if you are an in-pool exerciser, grab some waterproof workout items or weights and make the most of your pool time. Goggles are also ideal for those who get red eyes from the water (although if you’re getting red eyes — call your pool contractor as the water chemistry is probably off.

Put down the electronics. Get into the pool and have a fun summer!