Living in Scottsdale, Arizona means dealing with sunshine almost 350 days a year! That is a blessing and a curse for swimming pool owners. The sun can wreak havoc on the pool finish. The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pools in Scottsdale, AZ have put together a list of three ways to protect your pool finish.

Fading and cracking are two of the biggest items that are caused by the sunshine. The construction material of your pool will make a difference on how well it weathers the sunshine and heat in Arizona.

When you’re in the midst of caring for your pool or even talking with a pool contractor to get your swimming pool constructed he or she will tell you there are three materials pools are constructed of: fiberglass, concrete aka gunite or vinyl liners. The budget you have for your pool will sometimes determine the building material your pool is constructed with but there are other factors you will personally have. Regardless of the type of pool construction material you will still need to choose a pool finish.

Three ways to protect your pool finish

Here is a more in-depth look at the construction materials and how the sun can impact them.

  1. Concrete or plaster. This is a popular choice because it makes the pool look brilliantly white and bright. But plaster is more susceptible to the environment due to its soft finish. Plaster may require an additive that will make it stronger and more durable. If you have crushed quartz added to the plaster, that will also help its longevity.
  2. Swimming pool tiles durable and easy to care for. Tiles are less prone to sun discoloration and to the chemicals in the pool water.
  3. A vinyl liner pool finish is best for areas prone to deep freezes because the vinyl will bend and flex with the movement of the earth.

Protecting the pool finish involves:

  1. Cover the pool when not in use. The cover will protect the pool finish.
  2. Clean off the chemicals regularly. Ask us for the best way to do this when we pay a service visit.
  3. Talk with us to help determine the best pool finish that is able to withstand our lovely warm weather!

Give us a call if you are looking to step away from caring for your pool this season and just want to spend your free time swimming, not cleaning.