Did you get a new job? One in which you are responsible for a commercial swimming pool? If you work at a hotel, school, community facility or apartment complex, part of your duties may include cleaning the swimming pool. It’s a big task and when you’re taking on that responsibility that means you’re also taking on the responsibility of the health of the people who use the pool If you’re going to hire a commercial swimming pool service company we have put together 10 questions to as a commercial pool cleaner.

Even if you have your own swimming pool, taking on the care and maintenance of a commercial pool is a whole other beast. The reason is — there are more people using it, chances are they aren’t showering off any body lotions, shampoos, deodorants, etc. and that can impact the pool chemistry. If the pool is used by two people today and twenty-two people tomorrow, that will impact the water chemistry. The swimming pool contractors at SwimRight Pools in Scottsdale, AZ are experienced and knowledgeable in caring for commercial pools.

If the pool has a lot of children in it — well you know they aren’t going to get out of the water to relieve themselves and when there are a lot of children in the water, that will impact the chemistry. It’s a lot to take in and take on — the cleaning of this pool.

When you’re in charge of a facility with a swimming pool you are better off using part of your maintenance budget to hire a commercial swimming pool company.

10 Questions To Ask A Commercial Pool Cleaner

What tasks will a commercial pool service company perform?

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Leak detection
  • Regular and ongoing maintenance
  • Water chemical balancing
  • Equipment repair
  • Equipment installation
  • Inspection of accessories such as diving boards and slides and for any trip and fall hazards

If you’re new to commercial swimming pool care, here are some questions to ask a potential contractor. We suggest getting at least three estimates. If you get them and the prices vary widely, ask for an explanation in the differences.

  1. What do I get with the contract price
  2. How many times a week/month does this cover
  3. Do I need to buy chemicals or are they included in the cost
  4. Do you have 24/7 emergency call provisions? What does that cost for an off-hours visit
  5. What is excluded in the contract
  6. How often do you deep clean the filters and backwash the pool
  7. Will you let me know the services performed when he or she is here and what the water chemistry readings are
  8. Test the water and add chemicals as necessary and add chemicals when necessary
  9. What should you do between service visits to keep the pool safe for swimmers
  10. How long does the contract run and is there a price break for a longer-term contract

Ask if the pool contractor you’re interviewing and getting an estimate from provides an initial pool cleaning (for free or a reduced cost) so you can see the quality of their work.