When it comes time to put the swimming pool cover on, then take the swimming pool cover off, it is a task that causes many swimming pool owners in Scottsdale, Arizona to forego the cover entirely. The benefits of an automatic pool cover, the swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool & Spa Service say, cannot be denied.

An automatic pool cover — at its most basic — helps assure you will be diligent in the use of the swimming pool cover. When you’re diligent in the use of the cover, you can reap these benefits. Bear in mind that the addition of an automatic pool cover can add close to $10,000 to the price of the pool. 

The benefits of an automatic pool cover

  1. The pool will stay cleaner. Living in Arizona means the chance for monsoons, heavy rains and dust storms. Having the pool covered will keep dirt and debris from getting into the water. Keeping the pool covered can cut down on the cost and time it takes to clean the swimming pool.
  2.  Slow the rate of water evaporation. A covered pool will help prevent as much water evaporation. It’s estimated that close to 70% of all water loss in a pool is due to evaporation. In the heat of the Arizona sun, it might be more than that — and that means you will need to keep refilling the pool and adding more chemicals to treat the water — both costly endeavors. 
  3. You’ll save money. A covered pool will be a more energy efficient swimming pool. 
  4. Swimming pool safety. A covered swimming pool — depending on the style cover will act as an additional layer of safety. A covered pool may keep pets and children from falling into the water if they happen to breach the safety fence. There is no substitute for continual supervision, but a cover provides peace of mind and an additional layer of safety. 
  5. They are easy to use! Because it’s hard and heavy to remove and replace a swimming pool cover, you’re not as likely to use it. An automatic cover opens and closes at the push of a button or the turn of a handle — so easy! When it’s this easy you’re more likely to use the cover.

 Talk with us if you’re interested in finding out how much an automatic swimming pool cover will cost for your unique swimming pool and what you may realize in savings by using a cover more diligently.