Is your swimming pool costing you more than it should be? How energy efficient is the swimming pool in your backyard? If you’re not quite certain and if you wonder if it could be more energy efficient, talk with your swimming pool service contractor from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair about steps you can take to have the pool be as energy efficient as possible.

Making your pool more energy efficient may not require a lot of up front money, but in some instances, upgrading and updating old and inefficient equipment makes sense in the long term. The next time we pay a service visit, ask us to perform an inspection of the pool and its equipment and we can give you an idea on how to save money on pool operations and costs. 

How energy efficient is the swimming pool?

There are three main pieces of equipment that may not be as energy efficient as possible and they are: 

  1. The pool pump. This pump is what moves the water through the entire pool, pushing it through the filter and back into the pool. The swimming pool pump is truly the heart of the pool and its entire operation. The pool pump is responsible for the water circulation and filtration (as mentioned) as well as any water features, automatic pool cleaners and jets. The pump in a swimming pool requires more than three times the energy it takes to operate your refrigerator. Plan to pay an additional $500-1000 or more to operate the pool pump. If your pool still has a single speed pool pump, you will want to consider having a variable speed pump installed. The money you spend on a variable speed pump will be realized in energy savings. 
  2. The pool heater. If you heat your swimming pool water with a gas heater, this can add a substantial amount of money to your utility bills. In Arizona, the need to heat the swimming pool water is not something that is necessary with any frequency. If you’re replacing the heater in a spa or adding a heater or replacing the heater in the swimming pool, look for one with a high thermal efficiency rating. Check that the heater is Energy Star rated, as this will also provide overall money savings. 
  3. The pool lighting. LED lighting is the most energy efficient and the longest lasting of the pool lighting styles. Traditional halogen bulbs run hot and use a lot of electricity and the bulbs need to be replaced frequently. LED bulbs last for many years before needing to be replaced. 

Take a look at your utility bill and ask us to take a look at your pool equipment. You may be in the market for upgraded and updated pool equipment. Ask us for an estimate on what your money savings might be with an upgrade to your pool’s equipment.