There is no doubt that using a swimming pool cover has a lot of benefits BUT ask anyone who has taken a cover on or off and you know it is a pain in the neck! Using a cover though offers protection from a pet or child falling in (if you use a safety cover), helps eliminate evaporation and keeps the pool water cleaner — those are wins all day. Should you use a liquid pool cover? It’s a question the swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pools in Scottsdale, AZ get asked all the time.

Covers, unless you have an electric pool cover remover are bulky and heavy. The larger your pool the bigger the cover and the harder it will be to put on then remove. Even if you use a solar cover that looks like bubble wrap, it is still not easy to get to lie down on the pool surface — especially if it’s windy.

What is a pool owner to do? How about using a liquid pool cover? Will it be safe to swim in a pool that’s had a liquid pool cover? Will the liquid cover upset the chemical balance? It is safe and it won’t really upset the pool water chemistry. If you have sensitivities to chemicals, the liquid pool cover might irritate your throat.

Should you use a liquid pool cover?

What is a liquid pool cover? It is a fatty alcohol layer that is invisible and once it’s poured into the pool, it helps protect it and keeps the water warm. that, when put together, form a thin layer that sits on top of the water. This cover won’t draw in the power of the sun and heat your pool, but it will help trap the heated water.

How do you use this?

  1. Make sure you invest in a few month’s worth — check on the size of your pool and how much you will need.
  2. The cover needs to be added regularly in order to be effective.
  3. Pour the liquid in, it will float on top of the water then disperse before binding together and forming the “blanket”

It is safe to swim in the pool even after you’ve poured in the liquid cover. The cover will move out of your way when you swim through it then it will close back up around you; it’s actually pretty cool.

Your filter will not be impacted by the liquid solar cover and it won’t damage any of your equipment.

Debris will still fall to the bottom of the pool depending on its weight. The cover is meant more to help keep the pool water warm than it is to be a replacement for your regular cover. BUT it is the convenience that makes it an ideal pool product.

If you’re heating the pool water and want to conserve money, using a liquid solar pool cover just might help trap the heat and cut down on the heating bills!