It may seem like an odd article, because who in the triiple digit temperatures of Arizona would think about heating their pools, right? There are areas of the state in which an solar pool heater makes sense. The swimming pool service professionals from SwimRight Pools in Scottsdale, Arizona offer tips on 3 ways to choose the best solar pool heater.

This advice is ideal for those pool owners in the parts of the country in which summers are short and swim seasons are even shorter. A solar pool heater can add more fun in the pool.

3 ways to choose the best solar pool heater

The sun is one of the best and most inexpensive ways to heat your swimming pool — once you have invested in the solar panels and equipment the heating of the pool water and the money you save on traditional ways of heating it will pay for itself.

Solar heaters collect the heat from the rays of the sun, capture it and redirect it to the solar collectors. The solar collectors warm the water, push the warmed water back into the pool and the cycle continues. For pool owners looking for an environmentally friendly and economical way to heat the pool water, you can’t go wrong with solar.

The components you will need for a solar pool water heater:

  1. The solar collector
  2. A filter for the collector
  3. The solar heat pump
  4. A flow control valve to divert the water from the pool and through the solar collector to be warmed.

A solar panel array will take up a good chunk of your yard so you need to plan for that and decide if the money-saving aspect is worth the potential loss of aesthetic appeal. A rule of thumb for your solar pool heater array is that if you have a pool that is 16 by 32, you multiply that and you will arrive at the need for 512 square feet of solar collectors for the solar collectors.

The solar collectors can be placed adjacent to the swimming pool as long as they have direct exposure to the sunshine.

When looking into a solar pool heater keep these three things front of mind:

  1. The yard space it will take and how much you’re willing to give up
  2. The money saving aspects of using solar
  3. The efficiency of the unit you’re investing in as there are various levels from which to choose

Talk with us the next time we pay a service visit if you want to have a solar array installed.