Should you get a natural swimming pool? The answer isn’t as easy as “yes because I don’t want to swim in chemicals.” The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, AZ explain natural pools are healthier to swim in and more environmentally friend.

Natural swimming pools look beautiful, blend in with the surroundings and typically use natural materials. More importantly, they don’t need any chemicals! If you’re concerned about swimming in chemicals, you may want to consider a natural swimming pool.

How does a natural swimming pool work? 

The way a natural pool works is close to the ecosystem in lakes and ponds and works with a regeneration zone. Your pool contractor will create a wetland comprised of rocks, and gravel that attract natural microbiomes by using aquatic plants. When these elements are properly put together they create a natural water treatment plant to keep your pool water clean and clear.

Should you get a natural swimming pool?

  •  You need to have a backyard space that is large enough to accommodate the natural pool regeneration zone. This is a completely separate body of water connected to the pool in which you swim. If you want a pool that is 500 square feet you will need to plan for your natural pool and it will require another 500 square feet.
  • Do you have the budget for this natural pool lifestyle? The cost per foot for your natural pool will be close to the cost per square foot for the pool in which you swim. It may also be difficult to find a pool contractor who is experienced in constructing the natural pool environment.
  • Do you and your family want to swim in water that is, frankly, pond like? When you swim in a natural pool the water will not be clean and sparkling clear like it is in a traditional pool. You will find that sometimes the water will be cloudy, there may be algae and sediment. Seasonal changes impact the plant life and its effectiveness in cleaning the water. Some pool owners love the natural look of this water while others want their pool to look like a pool with sparkling clean water.
  • Arizona may not be the best place for a natural pool unless you like your nature with cacti and sand or stone. Many people who get natural pools like the setting of a backyard that is dense with trees and other plant life. This makes the natural pool truly look and feel natural because of its surroundings.
  • If you wanted a hot tub or spa as part of your natural pool, you will need to rethink that. It isn’t possible to have an attached, or a swim up spa or hot tub when you have a natural pool. Hot tubs need to be heated and treated with chemicals because the heated water speeds up bacteria growth.
 Natural swimming pools aren’t for everyone, but if you think you want one, give us a call and let’s talk!