SwimRight Pool service contractors talk with their customers when they are performing swimming pool service. One of the questions that sometimes comes up is “should you buld a new swimming pool fence?” In some cases it is a personal decision to if you’re upgrading the outdoor living space, in other cases you may need to build a new swimming pool fence to address deficiencies or areas where it’s ineffective.

Every swimming pool and hot tub owner in Arizona know that having a fence around the pool is a necessity. There are laws in municipalities across the country that have set requirements for the height and locking mechanisms and even the building material of the fence itself.

Talk with us to get a better understanding of the type of pool fence you need and whether it’s time to replace or repair it.

Should you build a new swimming pool fence?

Fence considerations:

  1. Have it constructed of a material that isn’t easy to be climbed — chain link is not ideal
  2. Add an automatic lock and place it high enough that children can’t reach it
  3. Add an alarm to the fence that will sound when it’s opened
  4. Look for a fence material that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.
  5. At a mimimum the fence should be at least four feet tall. If it’s slatted, they need to be narrow enough to keep our children and pets

Some pool owners invest in fences that have a removable portion. This makes it easier for your pool contractor to get in to do his service and it also makes it easier if you need to get in to mow the grass or do other yard work.

Fence construction needs to be factored into your swimming pool construction budget as it will be required by the municipality where you live. Do you want to upgrade your pool fence this summer? Give us a call!