Do you have a smart house? You know, one of those houses in which you have a thermostat, televisions, radio, stove and even oven that you can control from an app on your smart phone or with a home assist device? Have you ever wondered how to remotely operate your hot tub? Because you can! The swimming pool and hot tub service contractors from SwimRight Pool & Spa Service in Arizona can help.

When you get accustomed to operating so many items in your home from the palm of your hand, it’s only natural that you’d want to take that remote control ease of use out to the backyard and your hot tub and even your swimming pool. Talk with us when we pay our next service visit and let’s look at ways in which you can add remote control operations to your hot tub.

There are remote control options that can sit hottub or pool side and there are the remote control options that allow for the hot tub to be operated when you’re not at home so it will be ready for use once you walk in the door.

How to remotely operate your hot tub

A wireless hot tub remote controlled device works much the same as any remote control in your home — it sends radio waves from the device to the remote and viola — it does your bidding! There are different types of remote control styles one with radio signal waves that allow you to be virtually anywhere to operate the remote, one that can be run from a phone app and those that need you to be in a specific spot in order for the remote to communicate with the device you’re turning on.

For hot tub and swimming pool owners in Arizona, having the ability to turn on the pool pump or the hot tub jets or to turn the heat up or down so the pool and/or hot tub are ready for use when you are. If you have the hot tub set up on a remote control you can turn the heat up or down at the push of a button on your app and have the jets turned on and even the automatic cover removed when you’re ready to leave the house and make your way out for a relaxing soak. Give us a call and let’s talk remote control upgrades.