If you have lived through a monsoon season in Scottsdale, Arizona you know just how much dirt, dust and debris come with those high winds and rain. The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair offer these tips to safely clean the swimming pool deck after a monsoon or throughout the swim season.

When is the last time the deck was cleaned?

Do you rely on Mother Nature to remove dirt and debris from the pool deck so you haven’t given it much thought? You really should plan to clean the deck regularly.

Safely clean the swimming pool deck

Cleaning the deck is simple, as long as you protect the pool water.

  • Clear the deck! Literally. Remove anything and everything from the deck area that you can.
  • Once you’ve removed everything from the deck, why not clean all of those items before you put it back onto the deck which will be newly cleaned?
  • A concrete deck can be cleaned with a power washer — as long as you know what you’re doing! Don’t use a power washer if you aren’t certain how because you could seriously damage the deck.
  • Wooden decks may require a restaining or repainting as part of the overall process.
  • Grab a long-handled scrub brush and a gentle cleanser and wash the deck after you’ve thoroughly wet it down.
  • ¬†Some pool owners find that a deck cover will protect the deck and make cleaning unnecessary.
  • After the pool deck has been cleaned rinse it thoroughly. Rinse away from the pool itself so none of the dirt and debris get into the water. In fact, you should have the pool cover on when you’re cleaning the deck. You will want to clean off the pool cover before you remove it so the debris doesn’t fall into the pool.

If you don’t want to clean the pool deck yourself, you can certainly ask us and we can schedule that in for a future service visit.