Have you ever wondered how to stop using chlorine to clean the pool water? Have you talked with your swimming pool service contractor from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, AZ about making a move away from chlorine to kill bacteria in the pool water?

One way to stop using as much chlorine to clean the bacteria in the pool water is by using ozone to clean the water. An ozone system will use a bit of chlorine, but nowhere near as much as if you are simply using chlorine as your water’s disinfectant. Using an ozone system to sanitize the swimming pool water may help you enjoy swimming even more than in a pool cleaned with chlorine.

Let’s explain what ozone is

When you are using ozone it is a naturally-occurring element in the environment and when it is combined with oxygen molecules it helps clean the water. Yes, it is much more scientific and involved than that, but this is to let you know that using an ozone system to clean the water you’re using naturally occurring elements found in nature.

How to stop using chlorine to clean the pool water

Here are some reasons to consider an ozone cleaning system if you want to move away from a traditionally-cleaned swimming pool that uses chlorine.

  1. Ozone is an oxidizer and that neutralizes contaminants in the water. Ozone works faster than chlorine to neutralize contaminants like bacteria, algae, viruses and contaminants from a swimmers’ body. Ozone renders these contaminants harmless.
  2. Ozone kills disease-causing pathogens and does it in a safe way without leaving you swimming in chemical soup.
  3. The water’s pH balance is more easily maintained when using an ozone pool cleaning system.
  4. Ozone has no odor. Yes, we know that chlorine is odorless unless the free chlorine in the water is out of balance, but for many chlorine still has a slight smell of bleach.
  5. With ozone, you don’t run the risk of dry skin or red, itchy eyes. Some frequent swimmers will even develop what is known as “chlorine rash” from continued exposure.

  Cut back on your exposure to swimming pool water chemicals and talk with us about the ins and outs, advantages and disadvantages and the costs of an ozone pool water cleaning system.