Swimming pool owners in Scottsdale, Arizona understand it’s easier to leave the pool service and maintenance to the pros at SwimRight Pool Service & Repair. They also know that the pool will need attention between pool service visits in order to keep it free from falling debris. Robotic pool cleaners keep pools cleaner between pool service visits.

Using a pool cover will help keep a pool free of debris, but sometimes you just forget to put the cover on, or you intended to swim again that day, but never got around to it, right? You know robotic cleaners are a bonus, but there are many options, so how do you know which to choose?

Robotic pool cleaners keep pools cleaner

You don’t want to spend your precious free time cleaning the swimming pool, so talk with us about the swimming pool robotic cleaners that are available for your use.

Robotic pool cleaners are the in-water cousins of in-home robotic vacuums. Turn them on, program them and forget about them — they do the work for you.

There are three types of automatic pool cleaners available:

  1. Pressure side cleaners
  2. Robotic cleaners
  3. Suction side cleaners

When you invest in a robotic pool cleaner, it is not connected to the swimming pool in any way. Robotic cleaners are turned on, or programmed, dropped into the pool and left to do the work. Pressure and suction cleaners use hoses and are connected to pool equipment.

If you opt for a robotic pool cleaner, here are tips on what to look for:

  1. Look for a cleaner with wide, rubber wheels.
  2. Look for a robotic cleaner that you can physically lift into and out of the water.
  3.  Buy one with a swivel cord that won’t get tangled or kinked up. The pool cleaner will move along the floor, up the walls and you don’t want it to be hampered by a tangled cord.
  4. Look for the correct type bristles or brushes for your pool construction material.
  5. A programmable robotic cleaner is a great “set it and forget it” purchase.
  6. Look for an energy efficient model. Don’t let convenience add to your utility bills.
  7. Look at your budget and determine what, if any, bells and whistles you want in your robotic cleaner. As with any device you purchase, you can upgrade to a more-than-basic model.

If you want an easy way to keep your pool clean between our service visits, let’s talk about that on our next pool service visit.