Swimming pool season in Scottsdale, Arizona is in full swing for many swimming pool owners and the swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair have been busy already opening pools and performing pool maintenance. Many of their customers will ask how to make the poolside area more beautiful and they have suggestions.

While not every suggestion will make sense for you, you can pick, choose or add your own twist on a poolside renovation project to make your backyard even more of a staycation spot. Don’t forget, even during the coronavirus pandemic, swimming pool service contractors are still out there cleaning pools because they are considered essential businesses.

How to make the poolside area more beautiful

Here are a few design options to consider for your backyard pool space whether you’re doing a complete remodel or just adding a few design options.

  1. Landscaping. You can add to the usability of your backyard swimming pool space by adding hardscape upgrades. Hardscape and landscaping options could include: a new deck, walkways to and from the pool and the house, decorative planting, seating nooks, outdoor lighting, poolside misters and adding aesthetic appeal to the pool safety fence.
  2. Outdoor kitchen. If you truly want to amp up the time you spend in and around the swimming pool this summer, add an outdoor kitchen. Your kitchen can be as minimalistic or elaborate as your budget will allow. You could have a chef’s delight of a grill added solo or you could have a grill, a complete stovetop, oven and kitchen set up that includes a sink, prep station, wine cooler refrigerator and even a dishwasher and cupboards to hold all the plates and utensils you need to cook and eat outdoors.
  3. A pool house is ideal if you have the space for it. With a pool house, you can have a washer/dryer unit, sleeping space and most importantly a changing area and shower.

Put your budget together and give us a call and let’s start the process of your poolside and backyard upgrades and updates.