No one wants to swim when there are bugs floating in the pool. It’s not fun to walk to and from the pool and step on a bug, either. The pool contractors from SwimRight Pools & Spas in Scottsdale, AZ have tips for how to keep bugs out of your AZ pool.

There is nothing worse than getting ready to jump in the pool only to find a swarm of bees or flies hovering around. Biting, crawling and flying insects can cause damage and ruin a good time. Keeping control of bugs will also help ensure they don’t cause damage that will remain hidden until they have caused enough damage to make it visible.

How to keep bugs out of your AZ pool

Murder hornets and other creepy, crawly insects can lead you to cancel your pool party and picnic. Here are some of the insects and other nuisances that can plague your Arizona pool.

  1. Ants. Did you know that Arizona has more species of ants than any other state? If you didn’t… you’re welcome! Ants mean not only being a nuisance, but they can bite and can also destroy insulation and pool plumbing.
  2. Bees. They need water to survive and a pool provides a perfect source. When bees move in they can be difficult to remove. Bees can also bore through wood and insulation and cause damage.
  3. Critters. Insulation in a hot tub is a magnet for mice to make nests and have babies. Dropped food bits are also a buffet for rodents. They can cause damage by chewing plumbing and electrical wiring.

Here are ways to keep the bugs at bay:

  • Keep trash cans away from pool and deck area
  • Clean up any food or drink spills
  • Check for cracks in the hot tub housing where insects or rodents can get in
  • Cover the pool and not tub when you’re not using it to deny access to the water source
  • If you see insects, call a pro — in many cases, they are hidden from view!

Don’t resort to spraying bug repellants as that could impact water quality,