The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pools in Scottsdale, Arizona offer a Pool service 101: what does a pool service contractor do? when they talk with new pool owners in the Arizona area. If you’re new to pool ownership, understanding what goes into pool upkeep and maintenance can be a daunting task. Even long-time pool owners will tell you, caring for a pool is a learning experience with a learning curve and sometimes they just want to hire a pool contractor to do it for them.

A swimming pool service contractor allows you to use your free time to swim and enjoy the pool rather than be so heavily involved in having to clean and maintain and fuss with the pool chemicals to get them just right.

 Swimming pool service is not a one and done task. Pool service is performed: 

  1. Daily
  2. Weekly
  3. Monthly and
  4. Periodic heavy lifting on pool tasks
  5. Involves equipment inspections to assure everything is working as it should be

A poorly maintained swimming pool is one that can quickly become home to algae or in which the water chemistry can get out of balance. If either of these happens, and triple digit temperatures move into Arizona, you will lose valuable swim time and no one wants that!

Additionally, if you need emergency pool maintenance, or repairs or after-monsoon clean up, when you work wtih a pool service contractor your pool will take priority over those who simply call with an emergency. 

Pool service 101: what does a pool service contractor do?

What will a pool contractor do? First you need to find a pool contractor you trust, understand his pricing, understand what is included in a pool maintenance contract and what is excluded so you can make an informed decision.

Here is a short list of what a pool contractor will do:

  •  Daily maintenance involves water chemistry testing to assure it’s not too alkaline and that the water is sanitized. The pool tech will adjust chemicals as needed and add chemicals to restore the waters’ balances.
  • Weekly maintenance includes adding chlorine. Chlorine kills bacteria and other micro-organisms that might make the water unhealthy for swimming. Chemicals will also be added during the weekly maintenance visit to prevent the growth of algae. To keep the pool from becoming cloudy chemicals will be added. Weekly maintenance visits also involve brushing the pool walls and floors and vacuuming the pool, cleaning the filters and checking the pool pump pressure.
  • Occasional maintenance involves your pool tech checking and cleaningthe filter to make certain it isn’t clogged with debris. Pumps and electrical systems will also be checked to make certain they are in optimal running condition.

Even if you work with a pool contractor, you will want to skim off debris between service visits and you may even want to test the water chemistry — this is especially true if you’ve had a party or if there has been a rain storm. Ask us for advice on what to do between service visits to keep your pool as clean as possible.