Does your pool need to be repaired in 2020? That’s not a trick question the swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona explain. There are many items in a swimming pool that will eventually need to be replaced or repaired and those that are “below the surface” are more difficult for pool owners to want to spend money on because they are operational, not cosmetic.

When we’re performing a pool service visit we can certainly give you a breakdown on items that need to be replaced, which can be replaced and the potential life span of the items in your pool. This will help you budget for upcoming repairs and replacement.

Does your pool need to be repaired in 2020?

Here are items we will check and let you know what might need replacing or repairing

  1. When you work with us we help assure you that the equipment is in top working order. If it’s not we will let you know whether it should be replaced or if a repair makes sense.
  2. If the pool chemistry has been out of balance and has lead to pitting in the concrete or fading of the pool, we can talk about a resurfacing or other options to address faded tiles.
  3. Will you lose use of the swimming pool while repairs and replacements are being undertaken? Perhaps — it depends on the repair project. We will let you know and give you an estimate of how long the pool will be out of commission.
  4. If you’re new to pool ownership, you may not have ever worked with a pool contractor and we want to let you know you should ask for references from potential pool contractors and you will also want to ask them for a written estimate. Compare estimates from more than one contractor and ask for explanations on anything you don’t understand. Make certain the pool contractor you work with leaves a “drop” or “visit” ticket to let you know he was there on the scheduled date.
  5. Ask whether your contractor is using refurbished or new parts to repair your pool equipment. Make certain you’re getting what you’re paying for. Also, ask for warranties and guarantees on all equipment — especially new — and on warranties, on the work the contractor has performed.

Take your time when seeking a pool service and repair contractor to inspect your equipment and give his advice on its functionality. Call us if you aren’t certain if your pool equipment is working as well as it should be or to get a baseline inspection so you have a starting point.