Germs. They’re everywhere! From the door handle, you touch at the grocery store to the hand you shake at a meeting to the water in which you swim in the backyard pool! Is your pool water protected from germs? It’s probably not something you think about often because you work with a pool service contractor from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, AZ.

Truth is, even with the chemicals in the pool water, there are still germs in it! The reason is, your swimmers bring germs in with them, germs blow in from the air and from the debris that falls into the pool water.

To be truly protected — or to at least amp up the protection from germs — ask us about a technology that incorporates antimicrobial protection. When your pool contractor adds this to your pool, the water will be even cleaner than before.

How clean? Well, antimicrobial protection, provided by a product (and others) called Microban prevents the growth of mold, fungi and other bacterias. This product can be used in the house to clean cupboards, counters and other surfaces and can also now be used in the pool filter.

Is your pool water protected from germs?

When you use a product with a Microban protection in it, it will protect surfaces from germs being able to even make it to surfaces. Microban protection works by penetrating the cell wall of a germ and stops its ability to invade your home or your pool water with germs and microorganisms that could make you ill.

If your pool contractor installs a product that has built in microban protection it is incorporated into the devices on which it’s put during the manufacturing and production process. You will find microban protection built into a hospital dressing gown and even toothbrushes.

Using, or having a microban element installed into your pool filter means the protection will not wear out — the protection lasts as long as the product to which it’s applied does. If your swimming pool has a cartridge filter, ask about installing a filter with microban technology.

You don’t want to stop swimming for fear of germs, and you don’t have to amp up the amount of pool chemicals you use to keep the water clean if you look for technologies that can be built into the pool filter and will stop germs in their tracks!