It is not easy to keep swimming pool water clean and clear — especially if you’re a DIY pool maintenance person. It’s a delicate balancing act to keep the water chemistry in line — that is why many pool owners work with a swimming pool service contractor in Scottsdale, Arizona. Can you swim in cloudy water? It may not be the safest action.

When you have free time do you want to work on your swimming pool or do you want to swim? For many pool owners, the contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair explain, the pool owner just wants to be able to swim. Also, some pool owners find it cost them more money to take on the pool service and maintenance simply because they are continually adding, then adjusting then adding more chemicals to get the water test kit to exclaim “it’s good to go!”

Can you swim in cloudy water?

 Cloudy water is a cause for concern. Clean, sparkling clear water is water that is safe to swim in. When you notice cloudy water and if you’re not sure how to address it, it’s time to call a swimming pool service contractor to assist you in getting the water back to swimmable.

 Water that is milky looking or cloudy, could have happened because of an issue with the disinfection system or because the water circulation is lacking.

What will your pool contractor check when he comes to address cloudy water? Or, what will you do if you’re a DIYer:

  • Check the levels of disinfectant/chlorine in the water levels that are too low or two high will impact water clarity
  • Testing the water is the first step your pool contractor, or you should take.
  • The pump will be checked to make certain the pressure is at proper levels
  • Filters and skimmer buckets will be checked and cleaned
  • If the lid on the skimmer is loose, the water could be getting aerated and these tiny bubbles could make the water look cloudy

Working with a pool contractor will help you rest easy that you probably won’t be plagued by pool water issues. Even if you don’t work with a pool contractor all the time, you can call one and have them pay a visit to your swimming pool and address the issue you’re having. Give us a call if you have pool water or pool equipment concerns.