Is your swimming pool undergoing a renovation? Did you buy a house with a pool that you want to remodel to be more energy efficiant or to suit your family better? How to choose a swimming pool filter is one of the questions that will be discussed with you by your SwimRight Pool Service and Repair contractor.

There are many moving parts that keep a swimming pool operational and the pool water clean and clear of bacteria and the filter is at the heart of it all.  Swimming pool filters keep the water clear and bacteria free and prevent the spread of skin diseases and allergies by moving the water into the filter, cleaning it and depositing it back into the swimming pool. 

There are three kinds of pool filters available.

How to choose a swimming pool filter

  1. A cartridge swimming pool filter pulls water in, the dirt is captured in the filter and clean water is moved back into the pool. A cartridge filter is commonly used and will need to have its filter replaced at least twice a season; this may vary depending on the traffic your pool has and how much dirt falls in.
  2. Many pool owners feel earth filters aka DE filters, are the best type. These filters capture smaller particles than the others. As with a sand filter, it will need to be backwashed and the DE will need to be replaced occasionally.
  3. In a sand filter, the sand is what captures the impurities, cleans the water and replaces cleaned water into the pool. This filter style requires backwashing, too.

Swimming pool filters all essentially work the same — they clean the water of miniscule bacteria, clean it and return it to the swimming pool. Your pool contractor is the best arbitor of whether it’s time to clean the filter and replace cartridges, DE or sand to assure your water is as clean as it can be.