The water in your swimming pool is liquid gold. This is especially true if you live in an area of the country that has water rationing in effect. Saving water will also save you money. Every time you need to refill the pool you’re adding to your water bill. How to save water in your swimming pool is something the swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, AZ talk with pool owners about all the time.

Saving money and not having to refill your swimming pool is not only ecologically sound practice, but it will save money on overall pool operations. It’s a win-win. Evaporation can account for more than 70% of the water lost in your swimming pool and if you can find easy ways to stop evaporation, you’d want to, right?

How to save water in your swimming pool

Since evaporation accounts for the biggest loss of water, we have a few ways in which to combat that water loss.

  1. Use a swimming pool cover. If you read many of our articles you will find that covering your pool does a lot to not only protect it, but to keep people and pets safe and to cut back on water lost through evaporation.
  2. Turn off pool water features when you’re not in the pool. Unless you’re entertaining guests and want to have the fountains and other water features running, turn them off. The water lost through that through evaporation adds to water loss in the pool.
  3. If you heat the pool, and in Arizona, chances are you don’t, turn the temperature down a degree or two. Chances are, no one would notice a degree or two difference but you’d save money on your heating bill and in the amount of water lost.
  4. Windbreaks save water. Using a pool cover is ideal when you’re not swimming, but if you are swimming you can lose water simply by water blowing across the pool surface. Plant strategically in order to have a windbreak.
  5. Stop water splashout. You certainly don’t want to tell the children to not have fun in the pool and splash about, but if you don’t want the pool to lose a lot of water when everyone is splashing around make sure the pool water levels are where they belong.

Ask us for other ideas and advice on how to slow the rate of evaporation from your swimming pool this summer.