If you owned a swimming pool when you lived on the east coast and now you live on the west coast, did you know that pool care will be different from one region to another? How pool service varies by region is something the swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool and Service in Scottsdale, Arizona talk with their customers about.

Sunbelt pool owners and snow belt pool owners have unique pool care techniques. Your swimming pool contractor — regardless of where you live in the country — is experienced and well-versed in caring for your pool where you live right now.

How pool service varies by region

One of the major differences in pool care, and pool use, is that in some areas of the country, you may be able to swim year round! Other areas of the country only have limited amounts of swim time because the pool is closed for many months of the year when everyone is in hibernation because of winter.

Pool owners in the north east and mid west deal with the ground beneath the pool expanding and contracting with the freeze and thaw. This can cause issues with the pool unless it was constructed properly with the room for the expansion to take place.

Expansion and contraction is not a factor for pool owners in the south, but they do deal with drought, extreme heat and other weather factors. Evaporation and the potential for water rationing in some areas of the country may make swimming impossible if the water levels get too low. In that case, it is best to always use a pool cover when the pool isn’t in use as this will help slow the rate of evaporation.

If you were a DIY pool care person before you moved to a different location you may want to talk with a pool service contractor in your new region and get insight and advice on how to care for your new pool in your new home. If you’re new to Arizona, give us a call for an estimate on pool service and maintenance.