Is your pool in need of a renovation? How to plan a pool upgrade is something that many pool owners will eventually face. Planning a pool upgrade, update and renovation can be as involved or extensive as your original pool project was. Some pool owners, though, purchase houses that have an existing swimming pool that just isn’t what they want for themselves and that’s why they undertake a pool upgrade.

The swimming pool service contractors from Swimright Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, AZ work with their current customers on upgrades to their pools. They also work with new customers who have purchased homes with a pool and who want to make the pool their own. SwimRight pool professionals are also well-suited to determine whether you need new equipment for your existing pool in order to make it more energy efficient.

How to plan a pool upgrade

Whether you’re looking to install new amenities, upgrade to more energy efficient pool equipment or undertake a complete overhaul of your pool, you will want to put together your budget and your wish list and work wtih a pool contractor who can help marry the two and help you get the pool of your dreams.

Here are some items to consider for a pool upgrade:

  1. A beach entry (a major project, but breathtaking)
  2. An infinity edge
  3. A hot tub or swim up spa
  4. A fountain or other water feature
  5. Diving board or slide
  6. Additional or upgrade safety features
  7. A pool heater
  8. New pool equipment (that may not impact the look of the pool, but will impact its operational issues)
  9. In-pool lighting
  10. Solar heating system
  11. An electric pool cover
  12. Many, many others!

If you never truly added an outdoor living space to the pool area when you had the pool installed, this might be the time to factor that into your upgrade plans. When you consider how much time you spend poolside you will want to have a comfortable and relaxing space to sit poolside.

Give us a call or talk with us the next time we pay a service visit and let’s talk about what you want to accomplish with a potential pool ugrade or renovation project.