There is still time to invite your friends and have a swimming pool party to celebrate July 4th. How to host a July 4 pool party is unique for every pool owner who hosts a party, but the swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pools & Spa Service in Scottsdale, Arizona have some party tips.

No matter if you’re hosting a July 4 party of any pool party throughout the summer, we offer some tips that will make the party planning easier and allow you to have more fun!

July 4th is usually marked by picnics, vacations and backyard barbecues followed by watching fireworks displays. If you have a swimming pool, though you don’t need to add to much to make your fourth of July pool party a success!

How to host a July 4 pool party

Here are some tips to make your pool party a breeze!

  1. Email invitations. It will be easier and if you’re looking for an RSVP you will probably get one more quickly via email. For neighbors and friends who live close by, get crafty and write the invitation on a mini-beach ball with ink that won’t wash off. Ask them to bring the beach ball to the party for some fun!
  2. The menu. Go simple with hot dogs and hamburgers and salads, chips, fruit and beverages. If anyone offers to bring a dish to pass, say YES, Thank you! Offer finger foods throughout the day for those guests who like to graze. Veggie and fruit trays, chips and dip are always favorites.
  3. The drinks. Fill cooler with ice and fill one with adult beverages and one with drinks for children. Stock up on plastic cups so there is no broken glass. If you’re serving adult beverages make certain no one is drinking and driving. Plan a place for guests to spend the night if they’ve been drinking.
  4. Safety. Put food under a shaded area. Keep foods that need refrigeration cold until it’s time to eat. Use screened domes to keep flies from getting into the food.
  5. Decorate. The pool will be the center of activity. Toss in red, white and blue beach balls and those your guests received as invitations.
  6. Don’t forget the music! Invest in some floating speakers and place other speakers around your outdoor living space. Make sure the music isn’t so loud that it makes it hard to have a converation.
  7. Set up games for in the pool and out. Keep some sunscreen and some bug repellant available to protect sensitive skin from burns and from bites.

Schedule an additional pool service viist before the party and right after the party. Happy Fourth!