There is nothing worse than getting ready to jump into the swimming pool only to find bugs floating on the top of the water. You want to swim, not skim, right?! Why are there so many bugs in the pool water? It’s a question the swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona get asked all the time.

Do you have a buggy pool?

If you notice bugs floating on the water you can be more diligent with the use of the swimming pool cover or you can talk with us and find a way to hopefully get rid of the bugs in and around the pool for good.

There really is nothing that ruins a good pool party or a picnic faster than ants, bees or flies. If it flies, or bites or crawls you don’t want it in your pool or on the deck, do you? Keep in mind that seeing bugs in the water or on the deck could mean there is an infestation that means there could be damage that isn’t visible to the naked eye.

Why are there so many bugs in the pool water?

What are some bugs you may find in the pool?

  1. Ants. Did you know that Arizona is home to more species of ant than any other state? That means they can definitely be a nuisance in and around the pool and outdoor living space. Also, if carpenter ants move in they can destroy the pool wiring and hot tub insulation. As soon as you see ants, look for their source.
  2. Bees. They need water to survive. Your swimming pool or hot tub are an ideal source and this is never more true than in Arizona in a triple digit heat wave. If a swarm of bees has designated your pool or hot tub as its water source, you will likely need to call in the services of pest control. Bees can also bore through wood and damage your deck.
  3. Frogs. While obviously not an insect, frogs can also call your pool home when they are on the search for a water source. If they fall into the pool, they usually can’t get out and that means you’re scooping up frog bodies before you swim. Again, using a pool cover can help prevent this.
  4. Rodents. Mice, rats and other rodents are looking for places to live and raise their young and the insulation under a hot tub is an ideal place for them to make a nest. Rodents can damage the wiring and the housing of the hot tub. 

Here are some ways to keep the bugs out.

  • Check for any cracks into which a rodent, bee or ant could get in
  • Keep food and drinks away from the pool and outdoor living space
  • Don’t keep garbage cans by the pool.
  • Cover the hot tub and pool when not in use
  • Ask your pool contractor to inspect the pool and hot tub to make certain there are no issues with insects

If you’re going to try to get rid of insects and varmints from around the pool area, be careful of using any harmful sprays or other items around the pool; you don’t want them leaching into the pool water.