Don’t you wish you knew how to to make pool care easier? Well, other than working with a swimming pool service professional from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona, that is! Swimming pool owners know that even when they have a contract with a swimming pool service professional, there are still times they have to go out and do some pool maintenance — even if it’s light maintenance.

Depending on how many times a month your pool service contractor pays a visit, you may find yourself having to vacuum your swimming pool. A lot of vacuuming could be avoided if you’re diligent with using a swimming pool cover, if you’re not though, you will want to skim off debris and vacuum up debris that has fallen to the bottom of the pool — you certainly don’t want to leave it until the pool contractor pays a visit!

How to make pool care easier

When you become a new swimming pool owner and you hire a pool service contractor, ask him or her to let you know what you should do between service visits. Your pool contractor may recommend:
  • You skim the water
  • You test the water
  • You are diligent with keeping the pool covered
  • You may need to add chemicals (if you’re comfortable with that)
  • You may need to vacuum the pool

If vacuuming the pool is something you don’t particularly want to do, talk to us about an automatic pool cleaner. Automatic pool cleaners are the best friend of a pool owner who doesn’t want to spend his or her free time cleaning the pool. An automatic pool cleaner — there are a couple of styles — can help keep the pool clean between service visits and still not take up much of your precious free time.

An automatic swimming pool cleaner purchase should include your asking these questions:

  1. What size does your pool need?
  2. Does it have a reusable filler bag?
  3. How many hours will it operate before requiring a recharge?
  4. Will the device fit between or behind the pool steps?
  5. Will it be able to climb and clean the pool steps?
  6. Is it battery or electric?
Talk with us if you’re interested in investing in an automatic pool cleaner to help out between service visits. Also, if you’re not diligent in using a swimming pool cover, you may want to consider an electric or electronic pool cover to keep the water cleaner between service visits.