Working out. Just saying the words causing some people dread. If you have a swimming pool, though we have some fun get fit in the pool tips. To ensure you can always swim and workout when you want to, give one of our pool service pros from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, AZ a call.

Even during the coronavirus pandemic we have been cleaning pools and keeping them ready for our customers. We practice social distancing and even have a service where our service techs don’t even have to have a conversation with you! While we miss the interaction, we know that safety matters.

Being in a pool is an easy way to get fit without worrying about any risk of injury. AND another benefit is that no matter how hot it gets in Arizona a pool workout doesn’t feel like work. The resistance of the water works against your muscles to give you a better workout without worry about injury. Water walking is a great workout that can increase endurance and work your cardio. Walking in water is more effective – and less jarring to your joints than walking on land.

A one-mile walk in the water equals a two-mile walk on land — and you won’t be sweating!

Fun get fit in the pool tips

Try these get fit in the pool workouts today!

Down. Run. Move. Submerge up to your shoulders and run with taking small steps. Keep your arms loose in front of you.

Do the lunge. Bend at the knee. Drop your body into the water — keeping your head above water. Take giant steps. Keep your spine straight.

Jumping jacks. Just like you’d do on land! The water helps you get a better workout, though!

March. Take long strides. Back and forth from side to side. Swing your arms at your sides. Increase resistance by using palms flat rather than slicing through the water.

Sidestepping: Walk sideways through the water. Take large steps. Use your arms for balance. Do this move for two minutes before changing to a new workout.

Walking or running: Move through the water at a run or a walk. Drag your arms behind you, palms down.

When you exercise in the pool you are getting a wonderful aerobic workout while protecting your body from jarring movements. Check with your doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough for a workout.

When you do these exercises with your family, turn it into a fun competition so everyone gets in shape without even knowing it!