If you’re taking on the role of managing a commercial property — whether it’s a hotel, motel, public pool facility or an apartment complex and it has a pool you are taking on a lot of responsibility. If you’re a property manager you may be wondering how to hire a commercial swimming pool contractor to help with the upkeep and maintenance. If you’re a swimming pool owner in Scottsdale, Arizona you may think you’re up to the task of taking on the pool maintenance of a commercial pool, we need to say you’re probably mistaken.

The commercial swimming pool pros from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale explain that there is a much larger responsibility when it comes to caring for a commercial pool. At your home you can insist that people shower before they get into the water, you can rest assured you know how much activity the pool will get. When you’re managing a commercial pool, you don’t know what the swimmer load will be from day to day, the chances of people following the pool rules and showering first are likely slim and the water chemistry needs more monitoring than does your home pool — it’s a lot of responsiblity!

When you hire and subcontract with a professional swimming pool service tech he or she will ensure the water remains clean and free of bacteria to keep the guests and renters safe. The need for sanitized water is crucial — you don’t want to be the one on whose watch people get ill, do you?

How to hire a commercial swimming pool contractor

What are the benefits of hiring a commercial pool pro?

  1. They are well-experienced in the nuances of cleaning and servicing a commercial pool. They understand pool chemistry and know what chemicals to add to keep the water free of bacteria and safe for swimming.
  2. He or she will bring the supplies with them — or the commercial entity can purchase the supplies and cleaning equipment for the pool contractor’s use.
  3. The contractor will give the pool a deep clean — brushing the walls and floors and behind the stairs and steps to remove all bacteria. He will then vacuum all the debris away.
  4. The water chemistry will be checked — as mentioned above. The pool service contractor will have a high level water test kit that will measure all the chemistry and he will add the necessary chemicals to bring them all into balance. Too much chlorine will lead to burning eyes and dry skin and can damage the equipment. Too little chlorine will lead to bacteria growth and could sicken the swimmers.
  5. The pool pump and filter and skimmer baskets will be cleaned, checked and replaced if and when necessary.

If you’re taking on the role, or if you have had the role of managing a commercial site that has a swimming pool, give us a call and let’s talk. You may find you will save money and time when a commercial pro takes care of the pool on your behalf.