Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool Service and Repair have been working with our clients to keep their swimming pool water clear and free of bacteria. How to hire a commercial pool company in Arizona is something we are asked about regularly.

When you’re the owner or operator of a commercial property like a hotel, apartment complex, public school or other public swimming pool, it is usually wise to hire a commercial swimming pool service company. This is true even if the person responsible for the care of the pool has his or her own swimming pool at home because a commercial pool and its care is a different animal entirely!

The task of keeping a commercial swimming pool free of bacteria and safe for all who swim in it is a major responsibility and not one to be taken lightly. When you’re choosing a commercial swimming pool service contractor you need to assure yourself and the property owner that you’re working with the best and most experienced pool contractor available.

What will your commercial swimming pool service professional do?

  1. Address all the cleanliness and safety issues with the water
  2. Pays attention to the myriad details necessary for maintaining a commercial pool
  3. Inspect, maintain and care for the pool equipment
  4. Assure it’s in compliance with federal, state and local regulations

How to hire a commercial pool company in Arizona

A guest may make a decision to stay at your hotel, motel, resort or apartment building or town house based on the amenities provided and one of those could be the swimming pool. It is imperative, that if there is a pool onsite that it is available for use at all times. Sure there may be those times when the pool is down for a brief time for maintenance, but for the most part, when a tenant wants to swim, he wants to swim.

Gather at least three estimates for the cleaning and maintaining of the commercial pool with which you’ve been tasked to clean and maintain. Compare the services, quality and references you receive about the potential pool contractor. If you notice major differences in pricing or work performed, ask for an explanation.

Don’t forget to ask for their emergency or on call services. Are they available 24/7 in case of a pool emergency? What is the cost for an emergency visit? Are there emergency or on-call hours built into the contract? How long does the contract run?

Will you have the same service provider for each visit? This could make a difference in service as having a steady contractor who comes to know and understand the nuances of the pool and its water based on swimmer load could prevent problems in the long run. Don’t pass over a commercial pool contractor simply because there may not be the same pool provider every time.

When looking for a commercial pool contractor, don’t forget to check references. Ask for an onsite visit and for an estimate based on what you have had in the past and take into consideration any changes the potential pool contractor may recommend. Here’s to a safe and happy summer!