Triple-digit temperatures are already a part of our daily life in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you are still living in a house without a family swimming pool, isn’t it time you checked on how can you pay for your 2020 pool project so this summer is more enjoyable than summers past?

When you decide to invest in a swimming pool — and it’s almost a must in Arizona unless you want to stay indoors in stale, air conditioned air all summer, right? A swimming pool is not an inexpensive purchase. In fact, for many people it is one of the largest purchases they will make — typically second only to the purchase of your home.

Because of the financial commitment to both the purchase and construction of the pool and to the increases in utilities and the cost for pool upkeep, the swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool & Spa Service put together a list of items to consider when you’re thinking of becoming a pool owner.

Reach out to us when you have your pool project underway and we can give you an estimate on pool upkeep and maintenance.

How can you pay for your 2020 pool project?

  • Talk with a pool contractor — or two — and get estimates on a pool project. You will want to know what you can afford and what the price of the pool will be before you approach your lending institution for a loan — if you need one.
  • You might want to consider a home equity loan for the pool. Again, your banker or the mortgage holder is a great first step to see if you can qualify for a loan for a pool. Remember, you will need to have an estimate in mind before you approach the bank.
  • Home improvement loans are also another potential option to pay for the cost of your new swimming pool.
  • Ask your pool contractor whether they offer to finance or work with a bank that does.

When you’re working on financing for your swimming pool project you will also want to talk with a pool service contractor about how much it will cost for ongoing service and maintenance. Caring for a pool is certainly a DIY project, but you may not want to spend the time cleaning when you could spend the time swimming. Also, many pool owners find it costs them more money to maintain the pool themselves and they also don’t want the worry of storing all the chemicals.

Call us and let us give you an estimate for the service and maintenance of your new swimming pool!