The 4th of July is right around the corner and that means fun, family and swimming pools! The swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pools in Scottsdale, AZ have tips for how to have a safe and fun 4th of July pool party. No one wants to have to pay an emergency room visit and have anyone get injured.

Before the pool party gets underway, you will want to call us and get on a schedule to have the pool cleaned before the party and you may want to schedule an additional cleaning after the party. When you have a larger than usual swimmer load, it can quickly change the water chemistry.

Are you planning to host a Fourth of July swimming pool party? If you’re like many Americans across the country, chances are, you are! With the 4th being on a Saturday, your Independence Day party just might last an entire weekend!

Safety matters all the time but it takes on bigger importance when you have more people than usual in the pool and there is more commotion because that makes it harder to keep track of everyone and make certain everyone is safe. A great rule of thumb is that the parents of the children they brought should be responsible for them. You can also appoint an additional “spotter” or two to help keep track of the children and the pets.

We have put together pet safety as well as human safety tips for the 4th of July party!

How to have a safe and fun 4th of July pool party

  • Even if your dogs get in the pool with you regularly, you may want to keep them out during the party so they don’t get injured.
  • Have additional safety vests on hand for guests who bring children and may not have life safety vests for them.
  • Keep everyone hydrated. Even though you’re in the pool, you still want to drink plenty of water. Keep bowls of water out for your pets so they aren’t tempted to drink the pool water.
  • Use sunblock liberally and reapply often. Buy several tubes of sunblock and make sure your guests know it’s there for them to use. Don’t forget that dogs can get sunburned too. Get some doggie sunblock and apply it and try to keep your dogs out of the sun.
  • Don’t let your pets eat table scraps because it can upset their bellies.
  • If your pets aren’t used to a houseful of people, they may be happier if they are in a room away from the crowd.
  • If you’re going to fireworks displays, keep the pets home.
  • Unless you have in pool lighting you may want to limit swimming to the daylight hours.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July party!