Arthritis pain can strike anyone, of any age. It seems to afflict senior citizens or even middle-aged individuals more often, though. If you suffer arthritis pain, it is painful to walk, sit, lie down let alone try to exercise. But your doctor will tell you that moving is better than being sedentary; not only is it better for your heart health, but the more you move the less “tight” your muscles and joints will feel. How to ease arthritis pain: swim is one of the best ways.

Swimming is a no impact way to work out. Moving in the water, buoyed by the water itself, allows you to move and stretch without fear of pain. In fact, if you swim a few laps or play in the pool or even “run” back and forth from side to side you just might feel better and sleep better. The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair can keep your pool and pool water clean, clear and bacteria-free every time you want to use it.

Swimming is shown to help reduce the inflammation pain caused by arthritis.

How To Ease Arthritis Pain: Swim

Your doctor will recommend physical activity, but when it hurts to walk or ride a bike you will avoid that activity. Swimming and other pool activities like water aerobics are an ideal solution for exercise and alleviating joint pain.

  1. Losing weight might help alleviate some pain. A healthy diet and exercise are an ideal combination to achieve this goal. Avoiding land-based exercises and taking to the swimming pool will help you get in shape without risk of injury. When yo swim you’re getting exercise and that’s great. When you swim you’re working your muscles and joints and not putting any stress on them while you do so.
  2. When you swim you’re also increasing your flexibility and enhancing your balance. The joints impacted by arthritis means you may be afflicted with stability issues and that could lead to a higher risk for falling. When you swim you’re building muscle mass and strengthening your muscles and this helps protect your aching joints. Stronger muscles also mean you’re going to have better balance.
  3. Hydrotherapy, especially if you’re in a hot tub, will help alleviate some pain. Arthritis impacts your body as well as your mind. Constant pain takes its toll mentally and that means you will be stressed and anxious –both conditions that negatively impact your hearth health. Just soaking in a hot tub and relaxing with the jets on your aching joints will alleviate stress and tension and make you feel better all around.

If you have a pool and you have arthritis — go swimming. If you have arthritis and don’t have a pool you may want to get a pool or a hot tub to help you feel better. Give us a call and let’s talk about swimming pool service and maintenance once you have your pool or hot tub.