Chances are no matter where you live, you haven’t given much thought to how swimming pools are cared for in other parts of the country, right? Why should you, unless you’re moving to one of those regions and need to understand the nuances of pool care specific to your region. The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, AZ offer Arizona-specific pool care tips.

Swimming pool owners are essentially divided into two areas — those that get snow and those that don’t. The snow belt and the sun belt, as it were. In both areas of the country there are differences as well as similarities in pool care, service and maintenance.

Your swimming pool contractor is well-versed and experienced in the subtle nuances of pool care in the region in which you live and you can rely on his expertise to keep your pool water clean, bacteria free and crystal clear.

Snow belt pool care.

  1. Their pools expand and contract with the temperature of the ground
  2. You can’t typically swim year-round
  3. You will need a pool heater to swim in many months of the year
  4. They may not need to deal with water evaporation as often

Sunbelt pool care

  1. Evaporation is a major ongoing expense
  2. Chemical usage may be higher because of prolonged pool use and months of the year you can swim.
  3. Periods of extreme heat and drought lead to a need for more frequent pool fills and chemical adding

Arizona-specific pool care tips

Drought and evaporation keep pool owners in the sunbelt, especially Arizona with its triple-digit temperatures filling the pool constantly and having to add chemicals to balance it all out once the new water has been added. Areas of the country that are under water rationing need to be cognizant of the need to conserve water and it makes sense to keep the swimming pool covered at all times in drought conditions.

The high temperatures of a drought-prone area can also lead to cracking or shifting of the pool deck and even the earth beneath the swimming pool. When you’re a pool owner in a sunbelt you need to keep the soil moisture conditions as stable and consistent as possible.

No matter where you live, owning a pool is fun and exciting and is rife with subtle nuances in care — working with an experienced swimming pool service contractor helps assure your pool is always ready for swimming whenever you are!