Triple digit temperatures in Scottsdale, Arizona could mean your swimming pool water gets too warm to enjoy. The swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pools have some suggestions on how to cool down your pool water.

Swimming pool water that is overly warm will also be a home for bacteria to grow. Give us a call if your pool water chemistry isn’t where it belongs. We may need to make additional visits during the heat of the Arizona summer. How to cool down your pool water

How to cool down your pool water

Some of these may seem drastic, but hey if you really want to swim and the water is uncomfortable and all you want to do is cool down you may want to try them!

  1. Run the equipment — pool pump and filter — after the sun has gone down. When you run the filter at night and the air is cooler — yes we know cooler is subjective in Arizona — it may not drastically cool the pool water, but you may notice a difference.
  2. This is really drastic but pour in ice. A lot of ice! This is more of a joke than a real idea, but desperate times call for desperate measures!
  3. If you have a lot of trees or a fence that may be blocking any winds, it could mean the water will heat up more quickly. Remove obstacles to fresh breezes.
  4. Reverse-cyle heat pumps can cool the water. In the way they heat water, when necessary, a reverse cycle cools the water.
  5. Ask us whether your solar pool heater has a “nocturnal cooling ” option. Most do. This means you can run the solar system at night to cool the pool while you sleep.
  6. Moving water is cooler than standing water. Install water accessories or a water fountain to keep the water moving and cool it down.

If you want more options for cooling the pool water or if you want to turn your pool service tasks over to us, give us a call today.