Thinking of getting a swimming pool? Did you decide whether you want:

  1. Concrete
  2. Fiberglass
  3. Vinyl liner?

Each pool construction material has its own advantages and disadvantages and those range from price to upkeep to how long it takes for the pool to get built. Regardless of the construction material, you need to keep the pool clean and the water serviced and maintained to keep the bacteria out, keep algae out and make sure the water is swimmable when you’re ready to swim.

9 reasons to get a fiberglass pool

Here are reasons to consider a fiberglass pool.

  • Fiberglass is affordable
  • They are a quick style to have constructed
  • They aren’t prone to leaking
  • If you live in an earthquake prone area a fiberglass pool will bend and flex with the movement of the year
  • They are easier to keep clean and require fewer chemicals to keep clean
  • Algae has nothing to attach to and grow because fiberglass is smooth
  • They can be purchased in unique shapes
  • Fiberglass is smooth and compared to concrete pools would be easier on the skin of a child who may be sliding into and climbing out of the water

It doesn’t matter what building material you choose, you are bound to get a swimming pool that suits your family and helps you get outdoors — no matter how warm it gets in Arizona! Give us a call today if you’d like an estimate on pool service and maintenance.