You truly need a swimming pool when you live in Scottsdale, Arizona. How else will you get through a triple-digit temperature summer? Sure, you can stay indoors, but haven’t you been indoors enough? The swimming pool maintenance contractors from SwimRight Pools in Scottsdale, Arizona know that evaporation and having to keep refilling the water is costly! How to conserve water in the pool is something we are asked all the time and we have 7 pool tips for saving water.

Whether you refill the pool from the hose or hire a truck of water when you need it, the costs add up. Also, if there are water restrictions in place do you want to risk running out of water or having to decide on whether to take a shower or fill your pool? You truly don’t want to not be able to swim in the pool because the water levels are too low to make it safe enough for you and for the equipment.

There will be an ongoing cost of water simply due to evaporation and water being splashed out. This is true for all pool owners, regardless of where they live. Evaporation, though in Arizona is the reason for the cost of water to keep refilling the pool.

There are steps you can take to conserve water.

How to conserve water: 7 pool tips

Try one or all of these tips and measure the cost of your pool water. Keep those that work and add more in as you go!

  1. Check for leaks. Make sure the pool isn’t leaking and you think it’s evaporation. Test for leaks by doing this: Fill a bucket with water, mark the water level in the bucket, place it next to your pool and measure whether the water in the bucket evaporates at the same rate as your pool does. Do a visual inspection for standing water around the pool and hot tub.
  2. Use. A Cover. There, we said it! Using a cover helps slow the rate of evaporation. If it’s too hard to get the cover on or off, talk with us about the installation of an electric pool cover. Evaporation can cost up to 7,000 gallons of water a year!
  3. Ensure backwashing is only completed when absolutely necessary. Backwashing uses copious amounts of water.
  4. Keep the pool at proper levels. If the water is too high, splash out will occur more eeasily.
  5. Lower the temperature a degree or two. If you’re in Arizona, chances are you aren’/t using a heater, but if you’re not in a hot area like AZ, lower the temps, chances are no one will notice! chemical use.
  6. Strategically plant trees and shrubbery and add fencing to help as a wind break
  7. Add water to the pool once the sun has gone down to help prevent evaporation as soon as the water goes in

Ask us for more advice on water-saving measures for your Arizona pool