Timers and smart apps make swimming pool ownership and between-service visits easier for those pool owners who don’t want to DIY pool care. How to automate your swimming pool and its equipment is one way to ensure the pump and filter and lights and hot tub jets and heater and your pool heater turn on and turn off even if you don’t remember to do that. Talk with the swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona about automating tasks for your own pool and hot tub.

Pool owners who run the pump and filter overnight — and it makes sense from a budget standpoint to do so — automating that task means you won’t forget to turn the equipment on nor will you forget to turn the equipment off. That will also save you money and potentially an additional pool maintenance visit because you didn’t run the equipment as often as you should have and the water is now suffering from that.

Timers are energy efficient and use a minuscule amount of electricity. These timers are specifically designed to use around water without the worry of electrical shocks.

How to automate your swimming pool

Timers come in a variety of styles from old-fashioned twist — think kitchen egg timer — to smart phone apps. You need to determine what you want to use the most and what feels most comfortable for you and your budget. Timers can turn off hot tub jets, turn on hot tub and pool heaters, they can make being a pool owner easier than you thought! Timers for your hot tub can also help ensure you don’t stay in too long at a stretch — that could lead to dehydration and could make you ill.

Installing a timer and automating pool equipment may be a DIY project or you can give us a call or talk with us when we pay our next service visit about the installation of this equipment to make your life easier.

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