Triple-digit temperatures mean many Scottsdale, Arizona families spend countless hours in the swimming pool. The swimming pool contractors from Swimright Pool Service & Repair also talk with pool owners about ways to heat the pool water on those rare months of the year when it’s “cool” in Arizona. They discuss 4 components for your pool solar heater.

If you’re in Arizona, is there any better way to heat a pool than with the sun? It is beating down on us and is in the triple digits for so many days of the year that harnessing that power is a natural for pool owners who want to take the chill off the water on the occasion it’s necessary.

Thanks to advances in technology solar pool water heater arrays are an effective and efficient way to heat water. The solar arrays are also smaller and can fit better into your landscaping today than they did in the past.

Solar heating may even help keep the hot tub water warm enough to use without having to resort to fossil fuels.

4 components for your pool solar heater

A solar swimming pool heat pump is the most efficient way to heat a pool, especially in Arizona, because it transfers heat from the air/sun to the pool water. Solar is more effective than heating it with gas, electric or oil heaters. Solar heat pumps cost less to operate, making them a more attractive option. They are not inexpensive to invest in, but they do pay for themselves over time.

A solar heating system also allows you to choose a temperature for the water.

Solar pool heating systems include:

  • A heat collector. The pool water is circulated through this to be heated by the sun
  • Filter to remove debris before the water is pumped through the solar heat collector
  • Pump to circulate water through the filter and collector and then back to the pool
  • Flow control valve to divert the pool water through the solar collector

Many pool owners find the system pays for itself with in one to seven years (perhaps even more quickly if you use it to heat the home as well. Talk with us if you want to look at a solar heating system for your Arizona swimming pool.