Living in Arizona a swimming pool is almost a must to get through our triple-digit summers, right!? Although swimming is a wonderful way to while away the hours and keep cool, you sometimes worry about the chemicals in the pool, right? We have tips on how to limit exposure to chlorine in the swimming pool because our clients ask us all the time how to do just that.

The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service and Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona know that keeping the water clean and bacteria-free comes with a cost and that cost is chemical exposure. It’s a necessary evil unless you clean the pool with ozone or saltwater systems.

How to limit exposure to chlorine in the swimming pool

Contaminants in the water are unavoidable. Pool water is exposed to organic contaminants when swimmers use the pool, micro organisms in the water itself and in the environment. Sanitizer aka chlorine kills contaminants, but can also be harsh on your skin and eyes.

Chlorine delivers great results, but it is also filled with harsh byproducts — that fact is undeniable.

What are some of the issues that arise from prolonged exposure to chlorine?

  1. Dry skin
  2. Red, itchy skin/contact dermatitis)
  3. Red eyes
  4. Colored hair could turn green
  5. Chemical burns and ulcers — this is an extreme situation

How can you limit the negative impacts of chlorine on your skin?  

  1. Shower immediately after you get out of the pool
  2. If you already have a skin condition, you may need to avoid the pool. A sunburn can also hurt more if exposed to chlorine.
  3. Use a Vitamin C based lotion immediately after swimming as this will also neutralize the chlorine (use it after you shower)
  4. Make sure the water chemistry is in line at all times.
  5. Protect the skin on your head as well as your body

You can avoid most chlorine impacts by:

  1. Getting a saltwater pool system
  2. Using ozone to clean the pool
  3. Having a natural swimming pool
  4. Cleaning the pool water with a UV (ultraviolet) sanitizer)

You don’t need to, or want to, avoid your swimming pool, you just need to properly care for your skin before, during and after swimming. Give us a call and let’s discuss pool cleaning and maintenance and best practices to keep yourself safe when in the pool water.