Did you know you need to think differently about yard care when you’re a swimming pool owner in Scottsdale, Arizona? You do. The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair have tips on how pool owners need to think about yard care.

Living in a drought-prone area like Arizona with its triple digit temperatures for most of the summer months — and sometimes even after what is traditionally considered summer means unique yard care for pool owners. These tips, however, are ideal for pool owners anywhere – because if you have a yard and you have a pool, you need this relevant information and advice.

Some pool owners will have unique and different landscaping installed as part of the overall swimming pool project. Your pool contractor will also help you determine the best type of landscaping for your pool area as well as ensuring there is no water run off that filters into the swimming pool itself.

The yard is part of the aesthetic appeal of your pool space and its aesthetic enhances the pool itself.

How pool owners need to think about yard care

Let’s talk about the yard space as you’re talking with us about your swimming pool maintenance. We can offer you a bird’s eye view on what your landscaping will look like as can your swimming pool contractor when he or she is planning your overall project with you.

Living in a desert means you will want to plant for extreme heat and drought and that means you may be looking at planting specific types of grasses and yes cacti! You can also use plants that are moveable and you can keep them both indoors and outdoors to enhance the yard space.

  1. As mentioned, choose drought-resistant
  2. Landscape with heat-resistant plants.
  3. Invest in plants that don’t shed leaves
  4. Don’t plant trees and flowers that will lure birds (you don’t want bird poo on the deck or in the water) Keep in mind that some plants will attract bees and you don’t want them in your pool space
  5. Plant trees with caution so long root structures don’t impact and damage the plumbing or pool structure or lure birds or bees to the pool area.
  6. If you’re planting trees, do so with caution because if the tree has a long root structure or if the tree is continually reaching out for water to survive, it can damage your pool equipment and plumbing.
  7. Use mulch or wood chips around the items you’re planting — this is important so you don’t have to keep watering the plants all the time.
  8. Keep the lawn around your pool thriving by giving up to an inch of water a week — that may add to your utility bills and that’s why you may opt for cacti for your landscaping. Use mulch when you plant flowers or shrubs and this will allow you to water the plants less frequently. Aerate the lawn and loosen hardened earth and make it more amenable to soaking up water when you give it to the lawn or plants.

Add moveable plants, rock, sand and cacti as these add to the appeal of your pool space and will also not impact the water chemistry.