Is there a “perfect” depth for the family swimming pool? That’s like asking, “what is the perfect pool for our family?” How deep should the swimming pool be? It’s a personal decision and can be based on many factors including if your family wants to have a diving board. Having a diving board will require a specific depth and width for the pool.

We do hear the question about pool water depth when we talk with customers about pool remodeling projects or even field questions about how much more, or less, it would cost if the pool was deeper or shallower. There are so many factors that figure into pool water depth.

If you haven’t had your swimming pool constructed yet and are still in the research phase, here are a few questions to ponder when determining pool water depth.

How deep should the swimming pool be?

The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool & Spa Service in Scottsdale, AZ have provided this checklist to help you determine the “perfect” water depth.

  • Who’s using the pool? Adults? Children? A mix of both? A young family? Empty nesters?
  • How will you use the pool? Swimming laps? Playing pool games?
  • What features do you want? If you want a diving board, the depth will be determined based on safety regulations.

Many pool owners determine the depth of the pool water by the ages of the children in the family. They may decide they want a four-foot pool because it will accommodate games, laps and allows the children to “grow into” the pool.

You could have a pool with a shallow end that gently slopes into a deep end — this would be one way to accommodate a diving board. Jumping into a pool feet first requires a depth of at least four feet. Diving into a pool requires a depth of at least nine feet.

The pool construction material you have chosen for your pool — vinyl, fiberglass or gunite — may help determine the depth of the pool.

Water depth costs

It will cost more money to clean and maintain a swimming pool with a deep end or with overall deep water. It will take more money to heat the water and more money will be spent on chemicals to clean it. If you have a deep end in the pool or if it is deep water overall, you will definitely need to plan for inpool lighting to make swimming safer.

Give us a call if you have questions and want further insight onto pool water depth.