You’ve hired the swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool Service and Repair in Scottsville, Arizona and that means you don’t have to do any kind of pool maintenance, right? Well, not really! There are some tasks you will want to perform between pool service visits to help keep the pool water clean, clear and swimmable. We offer a list of equipment every pool owner needs to keep the pool water clean.

These tasks are quick and easy.

Equipment every pool owner needs

We have put together a quick list of pool equipment to purchase:

  • A pool skimmer. If you aren’t diligent in using a pool cover or even if you are there will still be debris that gets into the water. Skimming the pool is a quick and easy task. Skim off floating debris before it falls to the bottom of the pool.
  • A pool brush. Use the brush to brush down the walls and floor between service visits. This will loosen any bacteria or algae spores and get them moving out of the water and into the filter and out of the pool.
  • A telescoping pole. This piece of equipment will be used with the skimmer and brush AND as a piece of pool safety equipment. If someone in the middle of the pool gets into trouble, offer them an end of the telescoping pole to pull them out.
  • A water test kit. Buy one and test between service visits. Make notes of the readings and ask us for a lesson on how to understand what they mean and what chemicals might need to be added.
  • Pool vacuum. If you’re really motivated you may want to vacuum the pool between service visits. Ask us for advice on how to use it — or you can invest in a robotic pool cleaner that you can just turn on and it will move around the pool and help keep it clean between service visits.

Talk with us and we can give you insight into what pieces of equipment you need, how to use them and why you will want to between service visits. These tasks won’t take long but will keep the pool water cleaner, longer.