Whew! The triple-digit temperatures are behind us and cooler desert nights are ahead. If you live in Scottsdale, Arizona and have a swimming pool and a hot tub you may be moving away from the pool and toward the hot tub this season. We have ten hot tub and spa safety tips for new spa owners and for long-time hot tub owners, as a refresher.

How can you enjoy the hot tub and spa safely? Most of it is common sense, but there may be safety tips you hadn’t considered.

Ten hot tub and spa safety tips

  1. Put house rules in place for hot tub use. Children need to be limited to no more than ten minutes per soak. After that they need to get out, dry off and let their body temps regulate before getting back in. No toddlers or infants should be in a hot tub as it can quickly cause their bodies to overheat to dangerous levels.
  2. If you have low or high blood pressure or diabetes or certain medications it could impact your health in the hot tub. Some medications cause drowsiness that could lead to drowning. You also don’t want to imbibe in alcohol when in the hot tub as that can lead to dehydration and that can be dangerous.
  3. Never use the hot tub alone. This swimming pool rule also holds true in the hot tub and spa.
  4. Keep the hot tub cover in place at all times when you’re not using it. Keep it locked and if you have a fence, make certain that is locked to keep curious children and pets and even wildlife from falling in.
  5. This should be common sense, but never use any electrical appliances in or around the hot tub. No extension cords — use only battery-operated items around the hot tub.
  6. Don’t use the hot tub or spa during monsoon season, especially when there is lightning.
  7. Ask your guests to shower before they get into the hot tub. This is a rule you should enforce in your swimming pool as well. A quick, soap free shower, will rinse off dead skin, deodorants, hair spray, perfume and more and keep the water cleaner.
  8. If the hot tub is indoors, make certain the area is safely and properly ventilated.
  9. If the water is cloudy, stay out and call us. Cloudy water can mean the water is full of bacteria and that can lead to illnesses.
  10. Prevent falls by installing non-slip surfaces around the hot tub and on the steps to get into and out of the hot tub.

Give us a call if you need hot tub service this season or if you’re in the market for a new hot tub or spa.