Can swimming pool maintenance be easy? Yes and no! We have put together easy swimming pool service tips that will help keep the pool clean between service visits or if you decide to be a full on DIY pool owner. The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona know that some pool owners do a mix of hiring a pool pro and taking care of the pool between service visits and this article helps everyone.

If you’re a new pool owner or a long time pool owner you need to consider long-term service and maintenance requirements to keep the water safe and crystal clear for swimming.

Even if you take on between-service visits on your own, ask us about automation that can help keep the pool water clean and free up your time to swim, instead of spending all your free time cleaning.

Easy swimming pool service tips

What are easy steps to keep the pool ready for swimming between service visits?

  1. Test the water chemistry. This should be done daily to assure the water is safe for swimming. You can buy a water test kit from your pool contractor and can explain what the readings mean and how to address them and to know which chemicals to add.
  2. Skim the pool frequently. Don’t let debris fall to the bottom of the pool.
  3. Use a swimming pool cover — this will keep the water cleaner longer.
  4. Clean the sides and floor and vacuum to keep algae at bay. Ask us about automated swimming pool cleaning devices like robotic vacuums.
  5. Make sure you’re running the pool pump and filter as often as your pool contractor recommends to circulate the water properly.

We can give you a pool cleaning 101 lesson, if you’re interested the next time we pay a service visit.