Pool owners think about what they can see. Swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair Scottsdale, Arizona think about what goes on behind what is visible. In this article, we are getting to know the swimming pool plumbing that keeps the pool working “behind the scenes.” A swimming pool is an intricate set of plumbing and electricity that keeps the pool operational.

Plumbing secrets — really aren’t secret to a pool contractor. One of the main reasons a pool owner thinks about the pool plumbing is when they are concerned there is a leak. Some pool leaks are very visible and lead to puddles of water lying around the pool. Other leaks may not be able to be seen because they are hidden and may be so small that the water evaporates before you notice there is a leak.

Getting to know the swimming pool plumbing

One rule of thumb for pool owners and DIY plumbers is to hand tighten the plumbing. When you torque on it with a tool you run the risk of snapping the pipe or making it so tight it is unable to be loosened if the need arises. Plumbing is designed in a way that lends itself to hand tightening.

If you are going to undertake any pool plumbing repairs you will want to test it before you close up walls and seal the plumbing back inside. Look for leaks. Look for standing water. Listen to hissing that will le you know there is a leak.

Many pool owners understand that unless they know the nuances of the pool plumbing they will leave plumbing repairs to a swimming pool professional. Don’t hesitate to call us if you suspect a leak in your swimming pool. If we come out to repair or address any plumbing issues, feel free to poke your head in and watch us while we work in case you want to see what goes in behind the walls.